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January 12, 2013
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Kyoya X Neko Reader – Curse Gone Haywire

You and your friend Nekozawa are paging through a stack of spell books. You stop at a spell that is called the Cat's curse. You think this spell is one that will cause your intended victim to act like a cat. You discuss with Nekozawa about the curse and he offers to assist you in completing the spell as long as you got the hardest ingredient to collect and told him the results.

         It takes you and Nekozawa a day to collect the ingredients and materials for the spell. At the end of the day, you walk to the Third Music room in hopes of getting the last item for the spell. You open the door to the music room and are greeted by two reddish brown haired twin brothers. These brothers would be Hikaru and Kaoru. They are dressed as a devil and an angel. "Hello let's play guess who is Hikaru game" they say posing and waiting for you to guess. "Ummm… the devil is Hikaru" you say quickly wanting to get your task done quickly. The twins move out of your way and let you past them. You see Kyoya sitting at a table with his computer dressed as a devil. He is wearing a red dress shirt with the top two buttons undone, a black knee long coat with red material inside, black pants and black cargo boots. The jacket is pushed up past his elbows, has two belt like straps on the left arm, a set of three same belts across the front, a large belt across the waist at an angle and buckles at the very bottom of the coat. You smile happily and walk over to Kyoya.

Kyoya looks up and smiles at you saying, "________, what can I help you with today?" "I would like some tea please Kyo – kyo" you ask politely using your nickname from the past. "________, please do not use that name here," Kyoya says adjusting his glasses. "Ok," you reply with a frown and sit down at the table. Kyoya leaves to get your tea. You start to think of the past dozing off.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  "Kyo –kyo, you promised to have tea with me today" your five year old self complains.  "I am sorry, (cute nickname for you). My father made me an economics lesson for today" Kyoya says bluntly.  "B..but you made the promise with me first" you whine sadly. "I am sorry, (nickname). What can I do to make it up to you?" Kyoya asks. You look at him with tear filled eyes and state running off, "leave me alone Kyo – kyo. You haven't kept a promise yet". "______, wait" Kyoya calls going to run after you.

You run to your favorite hiding place and curl up behind the tree crying. You looked behind yourself when you ran to your hiding place. When you looked you did not see Kyoya, which made you even sadder. You fall asleep crying in your favorite hiding place.

You feel a gentle tapping on your shoulder and hear your name being called softly. You start to wake up hopping that your friend Kyoya has found you. "_____, wake up. It's me, …."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Flashback ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"_______, are you ok? You dozed off. I brought your tea" you look up at Kyoya with teary eyes. "I am ok. Thank you for the tea" you say quickly wiping your tears away. "You're welcome, ______" Kyoya says gently wiping your hair out of your face and smiles. You pretend to wipe a few stray hairs off of Kyoya shoulder and smile. You and Kyoya hear Tamaki's usual arguing with the twins. "I have to go, _____. See you again soon" Kyoya sighs walking to where Tamaki is.  

You set some money on Kyoya's laptop and head on your way to meet up with Nekozawa. You and Nekozawa promised to meet at the black magic club. You walk to the club's meeting place humming softly to yourself. You walk clutching your last piece for your spell quickly.

Once you arrive to the black magic club, Nekozawa wearing his usual hooded cloak and Belzeneff sticking his head out the door greets you. "Hi ________, did you get?" Nekozawa asks with a gleam in his eye. "Yes, I did. Is everything prepared for the spell?" you ask with a mischievous grin on your face walking into the darkened room. In the center of the room is a chalk circle surrounded by lite candles and a bookshelf full of magic books. You hand Nekozawa the hair and take a cloak from him. You put the cloak on and join him in the circle. You and Nekozawa complete the spell after a few minutes. Right after the two of you complete the spell, you feel dizzy and pain all over. You whimper passing out and you see Nekozawa catch you before you hit the ground.

An hour later you, wake up to find yourself on a white bed in the nurse's office. You sit up with an irritating itch on your head. You scratch your head to find a pair of (your hair color) cat ears on your head. Nervously you look for a tail, when you find the tail, you scream into a pillow scared. You curl up in the cloak nervously and scared as you hear the soft sound of footsteps outside the nurse's office. You quickly grab the blanket and wrap it around yourself tightly. "Who is it?" you ask in a shaky voice. "_____, are you alright?" you hear a familiar voice say. "No not Kyoya. Please no, he can't see me like this" you mumble to yourself blushing. "I am ok, Kyo-kyo" you say trying to hide your nerves.

Kyoya walks to where you are and smiles. "You don't sound ok. You fainted earlier and screamed. Please tell me what's wrong" Kyoya says sitting next to you. "Err… Kyo-kyo, Nekozawa and I were trying to put a curse on you. But it backfired on me and …" you edge away from Kyoya nervously. "(Nickname), its ok. What happened?" Kyoya asks wiping your tears off your face. "Ttt-this" you say taking the hood of the cloak off your head to reveal your cat hears. You then take the cloak of so Kyoya can see your tail too. "(nickname), you look adorable" Kyoya says hugging you. He then gently pets your ears earning soft purring from you. You blush at Kyoya's words and your purring.

"Really Kyo-kyo?", you ask looking up at him with your ears flat on your head. "Yes really, ______" Kyoya replies with a smile. You wrap your tail around Kyoya's arm happily with a smile. "Kyoya, I have something I want to tell you" you state nervously. "Well, let me go first please" Kyoya asks ruffling your hair gently. "Ok," you say blushing. "When I heard that you got hurt I came here as soon as I could. I got worried that you were badly hurt like when we were younger remember?" Kyoya asks looking at you with a smile. "Yes, I do. I was trying to carry my tea set up the stairs towards your room, when your dad walk passed me quickly. I lost my balance and fell down the stairs. You carried me to your room and tended to my wounds. You even saved up your money to get me a new tea set" you reply wincing remembering the pain and horror you had when you fell down the stairs. "I was so scared that you wouldn't be my friend anymore and that I would never see you again" Kyoya states resting his chin on your head. "Kyo-kyo, Iii-I love you" you say in a hushed whisper turning red. "(nickname), I love you too" Kyoya replies turning you to face his slightly pink face. He leans in and kisses you. You kiss him back blushing bright red.

"Kyoya, what are we going to do about my ears and tail?" you ask worriedly. "_______, my cute kitten that is an easy solution. We have you join the Host Club for an event that we happen to be doing tomorrow. The event is where the Hosts dress up like animals for a day. Tamaki came up with a crazy stunt to convince the whole school to join in. And now it is contest for the best costume to be picked as the queen for a day at the Host Club. We are going to need help making the tea. Would you like to help me?" Kyoya asks smiling. "Yes, I would love to help you" you reply blushing.

The day after is just a Kyoya said, everyone in the school was dressed as an animal of some sort even the teachers. The Hosts had to ask Nekozawa, and a few other people to help out in keeping the club running. You and Kyoya were in charge of making the tea and keeping track of the number of people. Kyoya would kiss you on the cheek or your ears whenever he had a free moment. At the end of the day after cleaning up, you and Kyoya get changed to get home. "(nickname), I have something for you that will be better than that old warn out cloak" Kyoya says hugging you. "You didn't have to get me…" you state getting interrupted by Kyoya kissing you. He drapes a beautiful (favorite color) cloak on you and pets your ears. You blush bright red and kiss his cheek. "Thank you, Kyoya, it's beautiful" you say smiling and grabbing Kyoya's hand. "You're welcome kitten. I thought you would," Kyoya replies kissing your ear and pulling the hood up. The two of you walk home talking about the Host club and both of yours past. You both smile and laugh together happily.
You and your friend Nekozawa are paging through a stack of spell books. You stop at a spell that is called the Cat’s curse. You think this spell is one that will cause your intended victim to act like a cat.

I Do Not Own Ouran High School Host Club or you
I only own the story.
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Vamp104 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Mines natey because my characters name is Nathan (natey is a stupid nickname and it s not cute!)
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My childhood nickname was Mouse... And I got turned into a cat.... XD

Lovely story, btw!!!
Swisswolf25 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Student
Thank you! that's cool.
not true. i have no life so yes u do own me. and how do u put the pics on? like wtfromanopls and scaredpls?
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Swisswolf25 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student
I am not sure if it really exists. But if it did, there most likely is side effects of acting like a cat after the spell vanishes. 
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true.... lol
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My nickname is Kitty Kat because my name starts with Kat and the stor was me turning into a half cat Ironic
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