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You are sitting in your room lost in thought, when you hear your doorbell ring. You sigh and go answer your door still in your cute (favorite animal) footie pajamas. You open the door to find a girl with sky blue medium length hair at the door. She is wearing a cute knee long light blue dress, a light  purple cape and hat with light blue and light green stars. For some reason this girl made you think that you know her from somewhere.

"Hi, who are you?" you ask nervously. "How dare you, forget the great and powerful Trixie" the girl says as her hat slips off of her head to reveal a glowing light blue horn on her head. You shiver as you turn into a (favorite color) (pegasus, unicorn or earth) pony.

Trixie smiles at you and says, "now, you are ready to go to Hearts Warming Eve." You look at her dumbfounded and a little startled. "Wait, why am I going to Hearts Warming Eve?" you asks digging in the ground with your hoof nervously. "To serve and be the great and powerful Trixie's guest" Trixie replies turning into her ponyself. "Errr... Ok" you reply. "We can go after we fix your appearance" Trixie says as her horn glows. "Ok," you reply letting Trixie do her magic.

After a couple minutes, Trixie's horn stops glowing. "There now you are fit to be the great and powerful Trixie's guest" Trixie states going to pick her hat up. You pick up her hat and hand it to her replying, "thank you, Trixie. I am _______." "Ok, I will call you (nickname for you) from now on" Trixie states. You blush and nod excepting the nickname. Trixie leads you to Ponyville in silence. You walk beside her looking at the beauty of Equestria.

Once you get to Ponyville, you find many ponies at the marketplace. You see Applejack and smile walking beside Trixie. "Trixie, is it alright if I get a hot apple cider?" you ask nervously. "Yes, it is (nickname) if you get Trixie one too" Trixie says giving you four bits. "Thank you," you say taking the bits. "You're welcome" Trixie says pushing you towards the stand.

"Howdy, what ya like?" Applejack asks smiling at you. "Two hot ciders, please" you ask with a nervous smile. "Sure, four bits please. Applebloom two hot ciders" Applejack says smiling. You give her the four bits and take the two drinks from Applebloom.

You walk over to where Trixie is standing carrying the hot ciders. "Trixie, here is your cider" you say going to give her a cup of cider. "(nickname), wait until we get to the grand fire circle to give Trixie her drink" Trixie replies refusing to take the drink. "Ok, where is the fire circle" you reply holding both drinks. "Follow the great and powerful Trixie" Trixie says walking toward the center of Ponyville.  You follow her silently being extra careful not to spill the ciders.

Once the two of you reach the center of town, where the fire is Trixie finds a place for both of you to sit. You sit down next to her and hand her the cider. Each of you sit silently drinking your delicious hot cider. Trixie is the first to speak, "(nickname), do you want to play some carnival games with me?" she asks. "Sure, that sounds fun" you reply getting up. Trixie smilies getting up and says, "I know the best game to play first".

Trixie leads you towards the game area that is set up in Ponyville. She stops infront of a bean bag game that is being run by Pinkie Pie. Pinkie dances around you and welcomes you to Ponyville.

After she finishes welcoming you, Pinkie states "you need to knock all three barrels off to win. You get one practice throw and three chances. It's a bit to play." Trixie gives Pinkie two bits to play and faces you. "Let's make a deal, (nickname). If I knock more barrels down then you, you have to do whatever I say no matter what" Trixie suggests. "What would I get if I win?" you reply thinking. Trixie thinks for about a minute and replies, "a kiss on the cheek from the great and powerful Trixie." You blush hearing this and nod your head.

You and Trixie get ready to throw to see who wins. Both of you start throwing your hackie sacks at the barrels. You stand back to see how many barrels that you knocked down. Trixie is still throwing her last bean bag. You count nine barrels knocked down for you. Trixie smiles at you proudly with her seven barrels knocked down.

"I do believe (nickname), you are now the great and powerful Trixie's servant" Trixie says confidently. "Trixie, count the barrels again. ______, got nine barrels while you only got seven" Pinkie says pulling a rack of toys from behind the stand. Trixie blushes embarrassed at her mistake. "Pinkie, what prize did Trixie win?" Trixie asks. "You get a choice of one of the medium size items" Pinkie replies. You stand their silently trying to figure out what kind of large prize to pick. You zone out as Trixie starts to talk to Pinkie again.

Trixie kisses you on your cheek making you snap out of your daze. You blush looking at her slightly confused. "Trixie doesn't break her promises. Sorry about the mix up. Here this is for you" Trixie says blushing giving you a stuffed toy that looks exactly like her. "Thank you, but I can't take your prize" you say as Pinkie hands you a large purple stuffed dragon toy. "I take the pony if you take the dragon" you state. "Oh alright," Trixie says giving in. The two of you swap prizes and walk over to Sugar Cube Corner for a treat. You rest your head on the table as you wait for Trixie and the sweets.

You drift off and then feel a light tapping on your shoulder. "______, wake up sleepy head" you hear someone say. A few minutes later, you wake up and find yourself tucked in on your bed. "Was that a dream?" you mumble to yourself sadly. You look beside you and find the stuffed pony. You start to wonder if the day with Trixie was fake or real.
What are you do when there is someone familiar at your door?

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Trixie paid for the entire date 
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I wish this really happened to me
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